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These waitress games are exciting, demanding and wonderful in every sense. They are especially good beach waitress games.
Papa's Freezeria You have just landed an amazing summer job on the tropical island of Calypso. Papas Freezeria is an ocean fron..
Waitress Game The Waitress Game is perfect if you think you can keep up the pace, given the fact that every unsatisfied cust.. Irene's Serving Skills Help Irene that works in a busy cafe. Click the mouse when the desserts came under appropriate machines. You m..
Indian Restaurant To play this game carefully follow the instructions given in the Indian Restaurant game. This way you will qui.. Kids Beach Restaurant Many people came to the sea and now enjoying his vacation. Your restaurant is located next to the beach and it..
Bed And Breakfast Can you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun fast-paced game! Serv.. Beach Cafe Beach Cafe is a great Waitress game. Serve the customers well and earn maximum score. You can call the worker..
My First Restaurant My First Restaurant actually has a storyline as you'll be playing as a young couple, who won the lottery and.. Dora Forest Cake Service Dora has a pastry shop in the woods. There she will make a variety of cakes. Its customers are the animals of ..
Zoe At Food Carnival You have a call from Zoe to attend the carnival food. Her family loves to eat and has the role of judges in th.. Dolphin Restaurant Play this cute Dolphin Restaurant game. Serve underwater animal customers to make them happy. Decorate your Re..
Papas Pastaria Do you wish to become a good cook pasta? have the opportunity to train in a restaurant Papas Pastaria. You wil.. Papas Wingeria You are in charge of Papas Wingeria, where youwill need to take orders, fry up wings and things in the fryers,..
Highway Hotel You came up with the idea to build a hotel with Indian food called Dosa, right next to the highway. Work has s.. Cafe Waitress Carefully follow the instructions given in the Cafe Waitress game. This way you will quickly learn to play thi..
Diner At Romeos You are a waiter at Romeos and your job is to welcome guests, take their orders and serve their food. Dont let.. Amused Buffet Dinner Marys buffet was opened for business last week. In this buffet she earns money very easy and magic. Go and see..
Village Grill Identify the customer preferred food and click on character to work for it... Panda Restaurant Panda Tony was a tourist and gourmet. One day, Tony took an aircraft to travel. But the vehicle broke down on ..
Bailey's Beach Shak Bailey and Sara are twins. Sara runs Cooking Classes and Bailey has just opened a new beach shack to help her .. Sara's Beach Ice Cream Sara-s ice cream stall has been opened in the beautiful beach in Hawaii. So many people like to be here and Sa..
Charming Waitress Play free Charming Waitress Girl Dress Up Game. Working at a really stylish coffee house requires an impecca.. Beach Waitress You work at a restaurant on the beach and you have to serve the customers as good as you can before their pati..
Hot Air Hostess Air hostess is always hot and beautiful in our mind. Today, we will offer you this chance to see how hot thi.. Sweet Waitress Lissa will work as a waitress in a restaurant. Now you could make her up and choose the best fashion and cutes..
Bed And Breakfast 2 Make your hotel the best holiday destination of all time. Ensure your guests are having a fun time in the hote.. Waitress Girl Dress Up A fun dress up game where you give the waitress a makeover including hair and make up. Also select her outfit ..
Restaurant Waiter Carefully follow the instructions given in the Restaurant Waiter game. This way you will quickly learn to play.. Cute Pet Restaurant If you are an animal lover, this is the game for you! You have the opportunity to serve a variety of pets. You..
Latin Heat Create drinks and try to make as much money as possible before the bar closes. Play this free cook game... Jennifer Rose Restaurant Love 2 Our attractive pretty girl Jenny Rose works as a waitress in a restaurant again! This time it is a summer rest..
Lovely Waitress Dressup Have you ever tried Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this seas.. Chic Restaurant Waitress Girl It is another summer holiday for students. Mary just got a restaurant waitress work. Now you could choose the ..
Rosies Restaurant Rosie has opened a new restaurant hoping to make her fortune! It will be difficult, but if she can keep her cu.. Pirate Restaurant A pirate ship sailed to the islands in 8 days, but no one willing to serve food and beverage for the pirates ..
Sweet Waitress 2 Carefully follow the instructions given in the Sweet Waitress 2 game. This way you will quickly learn to play .. Pizza Restaurant This is another game where the goal is to run a successful restaurant...
Busy Restaurant Help Jane serve customers at a busy restaurant. Great waitress game... Frenzy Bar Jessica has a difficult task, within 12 days run the business in a small bar. If not successful, will not get ..
Kukoo Machines Your shop is now open for business. Serve your customers burgers, fries, drinks and more. Make sure the order .. Hot Beach Waitress This game is actually a dress-up game, where you have to do your best to make your waitress look like the hot..
Jennifer Rose Snack Bar Jenny Rose changes her job again and this time she goes to the Snack Bar and works as a waitress there. You ca.. Miami Restaurant Welcome to Miami, the place where the sun is always shining! You have to help Rebecca with running her summer ..
Nina's Pizza Restaurant Today is an important day for Nina, as it opens its first restaurant. In its pizzeria there is a lot of people.. Restaurant Love 2 Our attractive pretty girl Jenny Rose works as a waitress in a restaurant again! This time it is a summer rest..
Happily Ever After Jessica has been choosen by her friend, the bride and groom, to treat their invited guests for 8 hours wedding.. Bubble Restaurant You are a waitress. Make bubble foods of three or more of the same color. Remove all foods to clear the levels..
Food Mania You are the server at the hotel which is busy all the time. As customer satisfaction is your major goal serve.. Guest Feast Carefully follow the instructions given in the Guest Feast game. This way you will quickly learn to play this ..
Pirate Seafood Restaurant Quickly feed the hungry pirates, and exactly as they wish, or else ..... Sweet Waitress Dress Hang Have you ever tried Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this seas..
Serve The School Kids The Serve the School Kids game is a very simple game. It mimics more the school environment where the child is.. Bed And Breakfast 3 Prepare yourself for the awesome sequel to the Bed and Breakfast series. Run your bed and breakfast and turn i..
Seaside Cafe Carefully follow the instructions given in the Seaside Cafe game. This way you will quickly learn to play this.. Waitress Carefully follow the instructions given in the Waitress game. This way you will quickly learn to play this fre..
Wine Bar Waitress Choose from several cool barmaid outfits and accessories to dress this pretty waitress. Have fun with your cre.. Mina's Restaurant Training Join Minas restaurant training program and see how well you can serve tables and be a great help around...
Serve By The Pool Carefully follow the instructions given in the Serve By The Pool game. This way you will quickly learn to play.. Doughtnuts Cafe Surely you are very fond of donuts. In this restaurant the most delicious donuts in the world. This is indicat..
Italian Dinner Table Decoration Cozy up in your favorite Italian restaurant! Play this great waitress game!.. Sushidash If you want the maguro to go, you will have to swap your way to the end in this matching game...
Flirty Waitress 2 She take service with a smile to a whole new level... Family Restaurant Can you save the family restaurant and take it to new heights?..
Retro Waitress Enjoy creating outfits for a cute waitress. Maybe one day you will become a fashion designer... Omelet Restaurant There will be a lot of hungry and impatient people. You must be fast enough to serve them all a delicious omel..
Serve The Students Help me to serve the foods to the students before the lunch break time finished. Serve the food in limited tim.. Waitress Makeover The waitress needs a her look, try to choose the perfect make up, top, and accessories to match her new hairst..
Gina's Juice Bar Do you know how to make delicious juices? We go to the juice bar for Gina to learn this! You will have to choo.. Mahjong Restaurant 2 Find the partners of each food. You can only delete it if you have the free right or left side. I really like ..
Alien Restaurant Few cute aliens were just sent in a mission on the Earth. They have never been here so everything is new and w.. Diner Chef 3 Here are some new challenges for the diner chef. This time will be cooking in the park in front of the museum...
Bartender You saw how skillful bartenders making cocktails. Go ahead and try to do it... 4 Wheel Waitress This quick server knows the importance of service with a smile. In order to make some money for college. Wendy..
Diner Chef 2 The first restaurant was a big success. everyone loved the food and begged for more. Of course, the diner chef.. Ivana's Restaurant Decoration Meet Ivana the sweet girl who plans to open a new restaurant in this womans day and needs your help for decora..
Lisa Fruit Shop Help Lisa to fulfill every wish of its demanding customers. It will not be easy for her clients require perfec.. Hamster Winter Bistro Imagine a restaurant full of hamsters. Your task is to find a place to everyone, serve food and drink, so that..


Waitress Games

Here you can find all entertainment waitress free games

       Being a waitress girl , charming waitress  … it might seem like an easy, part-time job, but is certainly is much more. Being a waitress demands skills, effort, creativity, and a lot of work. Luckily it all pays out, since your income increases with your effort and you earn enough money to see the light of tomorrow. Sure, some people get their kicks out of flying a plane, driving speedy vehicles and what not. However, some of us get our adrenalin pumping when we hear those food and drink orders and start rushing all around the restaurant, making people happy. If you belong to this group of waiting table lovers, you got to try different waitress games here!

    Waitress games offer a universe of different experiences in this calling. By playing different  games , you will, logically, be placed in various waitress positions, either actually waiting tables or sitting behind the scene, in a kitchen preparing food and drinks for the customers. Either way, by playing waitress games , you will be responsible for everything that happens in a restaurant , beach cafe , bar or whatever your working place is.

    Waitress games will require your responsibility, since all the customers must be sitting happily behind their tables, waiting for their delicious orders, you, as sweet waitress in these games are supposed to remember and deliver. Or, if you are a cook or a bartender too, you will have to enhance your waitress gaming capability by preparing the right food, mixing the right drinks and doing all this as fast as possible. Either way, this games are bound to be more than interesting, developing your memory, logic and many other skills. Thus, as mentioned above waiting tables is not easy. Through waitress games you will realize that.

    However, if you still believe you have all the qualities needed for successfully running a restaurant, or working in one, visit waitress games and put your skills to the test.

   These waitress games are exciting , demanding and wonderful in every sense. So, you cannot lose once you opt for waitress games, since these games may actually teach you how to be a real waitress one day. Therefore, these games are one of the rarely found games, which are really productive and contain advice you can use in real life, if you happen to need the extra cash. If you decide to become a waitress in this period, waitress games can surely prove themselves to be more useful than you can imagine.






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