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Luckily, you have all the cake games here so there is no fuss nor rush, you can taste them all since they are a click away. Enjoy playing our free cake games online!
Papas Cupcakeria Papas Cupcakeria be the best in the city. That is why you need to give your best to achieve that. You need to ..
Delicious Chocolate Wedding Cake Click to play Delicious Chocolate Wedding Cake for free now. Check out more free games to play online... Papas Donuteria Another Papas Restaurant which is located at an amusement park. Your task is to create and serve delicious don..
Cake Machine Click to play Cake Machine for free now. Check out more free games to play online... Cake Stall Satisfy the customers requests by providing the type of cakes ordered by them. Everyone is waiting for Christm..
Easy Freezy Ice Cream No one makes a good ice cream as Levy. To do this, it gives everyone advice on how to make the best ice cream... Ice Cream Challenge This is summer and ice cream is one best way to keep people chill and refreshing. You own an ice cream parlour..
Cookies For Santa A mysterious wizard locked gates of despair with ancient jewels. After that broke the jewel in 4 parts and dis.. Yummy Ice Cream Imagine how perfect it would be to have a delicious ice cream in such a hot summer day. Even this cute little ..
Black Forest Cake Cooking Click to play Black Forest Cake Cooking for free now. Check out more free games to play online... Gingerbread Cake Whatever is the Easter Holiday, or the Christmas Holidays, you can always make a delicious Gingerbread Cake, a..
Creamy Cookies To start the game click on the house on the left side of the screen. Then, you need to pass through the traffi.. Wedding Cakes Games Design a perfect wedding cake with all kinds of flowers, fruits,chocolate,sugar and even your wedding photos f..
Delicious Cake Dinner Party Design your delicious cake and decor the cake dinner party with all the delicious fruits, cakes, ice creams, d.. Sweet Pancake Decoration Cook some unusual pancakes with aromatic flavor that combines sweet tastes with fresh fruits. These pancakes a..
Delicious Cherry Cake In this cooking games you will learn how to cook this pretty cake, quick and easy. This delicious and impressi.. Kitchen Scramble 2 First, choose a character and also the candy you want to create. Next, follow the instructions given in the ga..
Foodie Quiz Get ready to answer a few questions about the food. Eventually you will get some tips from us... Cake Quest Try this funny puzzle game that you will surely love. Is Cake Quest cakewalk? Its up to you to decide. The obj..
Breakfast Maker Create a delicious breakfast. Great free online game... House Of Chocolates The object of the game is to match as many boxes as possible in a limited time. You need to match the pieces i..
Caramel Waffles You might have thought that the simple Waffles cakes. Well, try to make Waffles recipe using, and you will see.. Sim Lemonade Millionaire The objective of the game is to sell as many lemonades as you can. Keep the customers happy by modifying the r..
Daisy Cupcakes Spread the joy of cupcakes to the world, one speedy delivery at a time!.. Ice Cream Shop Click to play Ice Cream Shop for free now. Check out more free games to play online...
Cooking Love Cake What a fine way to show your love to your boyfriend, simply by cooking him a delicious chocolate love cake! Pr.. Yummy Pumpkin Cake This adorable pumpkin boy is trying hard to make a big yummy cake for Halloweenss Day. But he is kind of inex..
Waffies Cooking Matt organized a picnic in a special location. The fine weather and the colorful landscape get everyone there .. How to Cook Amandines Cake In this cooking game you will learn how to cook the delicious tarts. You must have all the ingredients ready a..
Cheese Cake Click to play Cheese Cake for free now. Check out more free games to play online... Chocolate Cake Dream A quite learn full cooking game for girls with interesting tips and tricks. The game chocolate cake dream lear..
Minxs Cake Decorator Mins decorate your cake and she needs your help. When you are done, you can share them with your dearest frien.. Halloween Cake Decor Games Halloween is coming and trick-or-treat too. Now let is play the cake cooking game and make a perfect halloween..
Rice Cake For Lovers Want to prepare a delicious rice cake for your lover in this valentine? Join this cooking game and learn how t.. Andies Lemon Cake You may want to prepare a delicious oval cake for your loved ones. If you carefully follow the instructions gi..
Banana Cupcake Preheat the oven at a temperature of 374 degrees, take a bowl, add a few cups of flour, mix it with salt, baki.. Bratz Cookie Cake It is Sashas birthday and her friends Cloe and Yasmin and the rest of the Bratz are making her a delicious coo..
Cake Creations Play this fun cooking game for girls and make a creative cake for your BFF! Your best friends birthday is comi.. Cute Baker Apple Pie Cute Baker makes an excellent food but she will need your help to easily find cooking tools in the kitchen...
Ice Could Popsicles I know that you love cold fruity popsicles. Do it for yourself, it is very easy! You need a little variety of .. Birthday Cake Games Ana and Anita are good friends. Anita considered that nothing is better than to do a cake by herself. Help Ann..
Stack a Wedding Cake And you can arrange a pleasure to newlyweds to create a beautiful wedding cake. I believe you have the patienc.. Valentine Chocolate Cake What means more to your crush? A bunch of expensive red roses that will sit on his desk if they even make it t..
Pefect Wedding Cake Get married is the most sweet and happy thing in is life. But a perfect wedding cake is indispensable part fo.. Sweet Donuts Do you like to eat fresh donuts? Well, now you can learn and to create. Your friends will be pleasantly surpri..
Cake Designer Design your very own good look cakes in a few mouse clicks. Enjoy the fun time going through the process of d.. Fruit Pudding Cake Do you have dresses Teen Party Ideas? You would be really gentle, comfortable and glove in this Dresses for th..
Cake Cafe Your task is to promote your new Cake Cafe! Try to fulfill the customers orders precisely, and do not make the.. Tasty Chocolates Become an expect in baking as you master the art of making chocolates. Prepare each chocolate by following the..
Perfect Pancakes Do you like pancakes? Sure to love them, but do you know that they are making. Here is an opportunity to learn.. Christmas Sugar Cookies This the season to bake cookies, tra la la la la.....
Pot Cake Do you ever heard about pot cake? I think you have not heard, now is your chance to learn how the real cake. I.. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich This delicious ice cream cookie sandwich will make your mouth water with its creamy delicious goodness! What w..
Mamas Ice Cream The time has come for Mamas Ice Cream. If you carefully follow the instructions given in the game is easy to l.. Cooking Cheese Cake This is an opportunity to learn how to make cheese cake. The most important thing is to know that all the ingr..
Make You Own Crown Cake Whatever is the Easter Holiday, or the Christmas Holidays, you can always make a delicious Gingerbread Cake, a.. Buttermilk Pancakes Click to play Buttermilk Pancakes for free now. Check out more free games to play online...
Creamy Cheese Cake All your friends are coming over to taste your delicious Cheese Cake. See if you can get a perfect score on t.. Frosted Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Enjoy creating outfits for a cute waitress. Maybe one day you will become a fashion designer...
Rihannas Island Smoothie Smoothies are delicious! That is why Rihanna wants you to help her make a perfect island smoothie for both of .. Boston Cream Pie Do you like to cook Boston Cream Pie? For those who are unfamiliar with this yummy dessert, it is has two laye..
Tiramisu Cooking To cook a Tiramisu sometimes is really hard but now we prepared a special recipe only for you. You will find o.. Caramel Cake We have a new cooking game in front of us, in wich the chef will teach us how to cook a desert prefered by ma..
Christmas Cookies Christmas Cookies is the perfect simulation game for the holidays in which you will get to make the prettiest .. Make Pumpkin Cheesecake Make Pumpkin Cheesecake is one of the cooking newest games that can play for free so girls and boys. In a fant..

Free Cake Games for you - for your eyes only

  Here you can find all entertainment waitress free games

Making a cake is not an easy process. All good chefs know this! You, young apprentice, have come to learn how to make good sweet, no, no... EXCELLENT cakes, right? If so, proceed, here at cake games and experience an amazing experience multiplied by a million.

Cake games possess countless of the best cake games around. You name it, we have it. If you want to learn how to make sweets in real life, some of the this games we have here will teach you that, from the base, over the delicious icing, to the wonderful topping. If, perhaps, you desire different kind of fun, like action and things like that, there are this games which can offer you that as well.

Namely, many of these cake games involve time challenges and many different activities which need to be done quickly. After all, being a cake chef is not easy since there are numerous problems regarding the very divine process of making a sweets, all the way up to decorating it and even delivering it to its rightful, soon to be happy and satisfied owners.

If you like the to be a delivery boy and drive these sweets gently to their destination, there are this games for you too. So, do not worry, all you need to do is sit back, relax and pick a cake game suiting your sweet tooth character best. Luckily, you have all the this games here so there is no fuss nor rush, you can taste them all since they are a click away.

Oh? What do you say? You judge by the look of the cake rather than by the taste of it. Well, this games located here all are beautifully looking. All these games are made with excellent graphics that will make your mouth watery, triggering an unbearable desire for sweets or, at least, the amazing process of making absolutely cake games.

Voila! There you go, my friend, consider yourself informed. All you need to do now is grab your cake making clothes, prepare all the ingredients you need and rush into the kitchen where you can pick this game of your choice and show us what you have. I'm sure we will not be disappointed, so you better not disappoint us. Go, this games can wait no longer, nor can your hungry stomach, let alone all the cake-desiring customers!


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